Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine

Traditionally, yoga and ayurvedic medicine go hand in hand. Both originate in India. Ayurveda is the science of life and healing, and practitioners believe that health is a state of dynamic equilibrium.Just as ‘Yoga Prescribed’ is a modern take on yogis story-telling to share information, so this blog is a modern take on recognising that ‘food is medicine’. We each need to find the diet which is rich and colourful, and which brings us in to a state of dynamic balance.


Blackberries are free and organic

Do pick blackberries in the autumn! They ripen at exactly the same time as Bramley apples – perfect for crumbles and pies. They give a boost to the immune system ready for the winter months. Those people who picked their blackberries and put them in the freezer are smug right now! They are such a good source of fibre, were used by the Greeks to treat gout and contain Vit C and E. They protect against cancer, degenerative disease and infections…

Ancient Greeks revered beetroot

Beetroot is offered as a tribute to Apollo in the temple at Delphi. It’s a blood-builder and is most helpful fo those recovering from illness.It stimulates the liver and has been valued for centuries as a digestive aid.Certain carcinogens are bound to the red colouring matter, and in Central Europe beetroot has long been used to combat cancer. Apparently, it increases the cellular uptake of oxygen. Put beetroot on your shopping list this week! (And always buy organic when you can.)

Apple cider vinegar

It’s more commonly known as cider vinegar now, and every home should have a bottle! It is literally a ‘cure-all’, a panacea. It prevents ‘flu and stomach illness.It dissolves kidney stones,and regulates ph balance in the body.It helps releive nausea, heartburn or chronic reflux. Cider vinegar helps relieve asthma, allergies and even gout! It lowers glucose levels in diabetes, helps weight loss by curbing the appetite and breaking down fat.It helps with migraines and sinus headaches. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces inflammation and relieves arthritus. Externally, it conditions and untangles hair, clears nail fungus, and clears up fungal and bacterial rashes. Cider vinegar soothes insect bites, gets rid of warts and helps reduce and prevent acne. And the bottle lasts for ages!