A second week of bliss

We’re focusing on the last of the koshas, Anandamaya Kosha, the bliss sheath.

Let’s begin with cat stretch and breath. We’ll concentrate on connecting the body, mind and breath. This becomes a moving meditation. Now we’ll add a leg movement which will exaggerate the movement in the spine and increase it’s flexibility. You are as a young as your spine is supple! We’ll also work with a balance pose in cat.

Now moving on to swan-cat-dog. Can this be a moving meditation, too? Let’s progress to swan-cat-cobra. Finishing on the front of body will prepare us for cobra, locust and bow poses. I love these backward bends! Stretching back, we’ll find our way into the variation on a swan. Remember that we had this one as our challenge pose last term?

Coming to seated, it’s time for this term’s challenge – the wide-legged forward bend.And we’ll complete our asana practice with all the seated twists.

For meditation we’ll imagine that we have a large white crystal within us. As we breathe in, this crystal becomes brighter and larger. As we breathe out, we melt into sapphire blue.

Relaxation is a repeat of last week: Silently repeat ‘I am bliss’ on the in-breath, and ‘Bliss I am’ on the out-breath.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti