Harmony of Soul

‘Day after day let the yogi practise harmony of soul: in a secret place, in deep solitude, master of his mind, hoping for nothing, desiring nothing’. Bhagavad  Gita.

Let’s add to that ‘Master of his energies’. We’re studying Brahmacharya – non-misuse of energy. Yoga teaches us the wonderful study of Pranayama – the gathering, storing and wise use of PRANA, life-giving energy. Through observation, we notice how we use, and sometimes abuse, our energies. Let’s keep our minds tuned to non-misuse of energy as we progress through this week’s practice.

We’ll begin with the leg moves from Pawanmuktasana, and then work with the challenge pose. Half-lotus is a traditional posture used for meditation.

Now we’ll find our way in the equestrian pose and on to the monkey. Many people experience sciatica at some time in their lives and our next pose alleviates it. This is the pigeon, and we’ll follow it with the swan – cat – dog sequence. Let’s use Ujjayi breathing.

Passing through the dog to standing, we’ll become grounded in the mountain posture. Let’s explore the energy effect of warrior and triangle, then find the joy in the dancer’s pose – such a lovely balance.

Now back to the mat through the squat, and we’ll finish our asanas with cosmic egg.

Meditation is silent repetition of a mantra: I breathe in prana, I breathe out waste.

Relaxation will test our imaginations! Here we work with Surya Kriya and bring some warmth into our solar plexus region.

Talking about warmth, the roads are clear here although we’re living in a white world. I’m proceeding as though we will have our classes tomorrow, but will review the situation in the morning. Should it have freezing ice on top of the snow, we’ll cancel so as to keep you all safe. Fingers crossed that we’re ‘business as usual’.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


‘Home from OM – the last yoga retreat’

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Follow you own path

The Bhagavad Gita tells us that it is better to follow your own path, no matter how badly that goes, rather than following someone else’s path, no matter how well that goes.

In this lifetime, I have observed how my spiritual growth moves from peaks to troughs. As a young woman my pathway was entwined with that of my mother. Later, it was entwined with that of my daughter. On a soul level, I know that I am here to serve others; my students, my family and the larger yoga community.

Remembering others at Christmastime, sending cards and loving thoughts, is yet another way of serving. Merry Christmas to everyone reading my blog…

Reviewing life’s lessons

Once you’ve studied the yogic philosophies such as the Gita, Patanjali’s Sutra’s and the Upanishads, it is useful to review your life and see what you have learned along the way.

So what was I learning in my teenage years to equip me to become a yoga teacher and, finally, the chairman of a yoga society? I learnt about the complicated games that people play. I learnt that people may be beautiful on the outside, but not on the inside. I learnt to use and to appreciate humour. And I found about the images that people put out into the world. Anyone meeting my family for the first time may well have thought of us as successful and harmonious. We were all good actors in our own way. I look back and count my blessings that we always had animals. I believe they kept us grounded and constantly in touch with unconditional love. We all loved animals. This was perhaps the only constant that the four in my family shared.

As a teenager, I experimented with a more noisy version of myself. I was intent on being heard. I also had my first experience of deja-vu. It was on a visit to Switzerland that I visited Chateau Chillon. Suddenly, in my head, there was the sound of battle. I was a young lad of about twelve, dirty and skinny but alive with a mission. I was running up the steps to do my master’s bidding…The past-life flash was fleeting and vivid, but I knew it to be real. I realise now that along with this noisy, teenage version of myself, my Inner Spirit was growing and developing too.

Brahman is the friend and the refuge

Brahman is the friend and the refuge of all…

The Self is hidden in the heart of all creatures..

If the truth of these scriptures are meditated upon by a man in the highest degree devoted to God, and to his Guru as to his God, they will shine forth. They will shine forth indeed!


Svetasvarara Upanishad.

.That brings us to the end of our study of the upanishads. When you train as a yoga teacher, you immerse yourself in three great works, ‘The Bhagavad Gita’, ‘Patanjali’s Sutras’, and ‘The Upanishads’. The ancient teachings guide our steps.

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Moving on to Mundaka

Mundaka upanishad begins with: “Since the manifold objects of senses are merely emanations of Brahman, to know them in themselves is not enough. Since all the actions of men are but phases of the universal process of creation, action alone is not enough. The sage must distinguish between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is of things, acts and relations. But wisdom is of Brahman alone; and, beyond all things, acts, and relations, he abides forever. To become one with him is the only wisdom.”

This reminds us of the wise teachings of Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.