Yoga is not for the man who overeats…

Also in Chapter 6 Krishna tells us: ‘Yoga is not for the man who overeats, or for him who fasts excessively. It is not for him who sleeps too much, or for the keeper of exaggerated vigils. Let a man be moderate in his eating and his recreation, moderately active, moderate in sleep and in wakefulness. He will find that yoga takes away all his unhappiness.’

Yoga practice brings us into balance and we find the line of contentment. Sometimes we rise above this line to happiness and joy. Sometimes we sink below this line to depression and sadness. But we always return to the line of contentment. The more this becomes a habit, the longer we stay on that line of contentment, the more ‘yoga takes away all our unhappiness’.


The second Niyama, or ‘do’, is SANTOSHA. Now, isn’t that a gorgeous word? I know of a very beautiful boat called Santosha! It means contentment. If we’re managing to stick to the five ‘don’ts’, we’ll be well on our way to contentment. How wonderful to be given this as a rule for living! Contentment isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity! It isn’t something that we aim for, way away in the future. We need to be content right now, right here. Yoga helps us to find that level place of contentment, and to live in that place. Are you content today?