‘Home from OM – the last yoga retreat’

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‘Home from OM’ employs the ancient yoga technique of story-telling to put across spiritual teachings, the infinite wisdom. Following the progress of ten occupants of a residential home, we engage with their lives and their pasts. Can living in a yoga community bring grace and fulfillment to their last years? Could this be a way for the elderly to progress instead of diminish? Or will new challenges emerge from the experiment? Carole Kerton has been teaching yoga for forty-one years. She believes in using humour and anecdotes to facilitate learning. Whilst yoga supports all age groups, the elderly in Carole’s classes thrive on their practice.

Yoga is a way of life

I believe that I am continuing my yoga practice from a previous incarnation. At three years old, I sat in meditation posture and asked of my mother, ‘Why am I here this time?’ Clearly I chose my family for this lifetime in order to learn many lessons. My parents and my brother were volatile. I learned to be a peace-maker, to try to heal relationships. Yoga always beckoned me and showed me the way to harmony. I learned unconditional love from our pets.

Yoga reflects life. Yoga is life. Simply returning to the breath brings us back into the present moment, brings us back to the body.When life just seems overwhelming, breathe in OM and breathe out OM. Reset.

All is well and all shall be well.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

On the home stretch!

Krishna concludes: ‘And if any man meditates upon this sacred discourse of ours, I shall consider that he has worshipped me in spirit. Even if a man listens to these words with faith, and does not doubt them, he will be freed from his sins and reach the heaven of the righteous.’

I do hope that touching on the teachings of the Gita has brought about some realisations for you. When I was a newly qualified yoga teacher, I read the Bhagavad Gita every summer. I always found something new in it. I always found a new way to look at my journey.