Enquire, enquire, enquire

We’re continuing our work with Jnana Yoga, the path of knowledge.

This week we’re going to work with Pawanmuktasana 1, the anti-rheumatic group, Pawanmuktasana 2, the anti-gastric group, and Pawanmuktasana 3, the energy release group. These methodical exercises keep the joints, digestive system and energy body healthy. I like to work with these systems once every term so that you can learn them thoroughly and use them at home.

The meditation will be Sama Vritti Pranayama – the square breath, and the relaxation will use the head movement from Kaya Kriya.

Jnana Yoga teaches us to enquire, to strip away the layers until we find our truth. Krishnamurti said that ‘truth is a pathless land’…Jnana Sakti means the power of knowledge.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


More on hatha yoga

‘Patanjali gave us the blueprint for ways to unite the body, mind and spirit. One of the most common ways, he tells us, is through asanas or postures This is the yoga called HATHA, which involves using the body to change the internal state of mind and consciousness.’

This week we’ll begin with bridges. Then move on to the nose to knee postures. Lying twists follow, and up to sitting through the boat. Smile!!

Let’s work with butterfly knees, the tortoise and our favourite balance, merudandasana. We’ll visit with the half-camel and full-camel before standing for the mountain pose, the sun breath and salute to the moon.

The meditation is sama vritti pranayama with a twist. We’ll focus on the sun with the in-breath, the moon with the out-breath, and stillness for the hold of breath.

Relaxation invites each of the 22 main body parts to ‘let go’.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

My Latest Book

My latest book will be available at the end of this month!

This week our theme will be on Impermanence.

We’re going to begin with the Tree of Life breath. Then we’ll take ourselves into the first part of Salute to the Sun. Once down in slant-board, we’ll meet our challenge posture for this half-term. By swivelling the feet we can balance on one arm, raising the other one to the sky. This is a great strengthener for the upper arms! After resting on the abdomen, we’ll proceed into the cobra and complete the Salute to the Sun sequence.

Now we’re going to practise forward bends, all forms, backward bends and twists.

Let’s see how the balance skills are progressing! We’ll look at Tree, Eagle and Dancer before going down through the squat.

The meditation will feature the Square Breath, Sama Vritti Pranayama, and we”ll round off our class with Surya Kriya – such a delightful relaxation.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

Back to class 12/4/2016

We’re back to yoga this week for the Summer term. Our first class focusses on ‘peace’. Many people join a yoga class to find peace. The truth is that no-one else can give you peace. It is already within you. Yoga makes all conditions favourable for you to remove the clouds, the veils, the busy-ness from your mind, so that you can uncover your inner peace.

We begin with an alternative way to look at the Serenity Prayer.

Short relaxation, stretches and warm-ups, then seated poses: Dandasana, the staff pose; paschimottonasana, the forward bend (with the knees bent, ribs and thighs firmly connected, creep the feet forward until you are in a deep forward bend.); janu-sirsasana, (one knee bent, working with small but accurate movement. Spine and head are in one straight line.); seated twists, all forms, completing with Vakrasana, the easy twist. (Start twisting at the base of the spine.); We follow these with Purvottonasana, the inclined plane; now on to butterfly knees, rocking buddha, walking backwards using the hips. Our challenge posture of this half-term is Kurmasana, the tortoise. We will look at this one in depth.

Cool-downs are followed by a combination of Pranayama and meditation in the form of Sama Vritti Pranayama, the square breath. We complete our practise with the 22 body part relaxation.

Throughout the practise, we will be mindful. Always seeking to uncover the peace within.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti