Yoga Prescribed is a new Yoga blog that will present you with a daily idea to help you improve your health and well being..

How about beginning the new year with the first rule of yoga – AHIMSA (non-violence)? Be gentle with yourself. Choose only food and drink that is kind to your body, and your whole being…Then you can move on to all beings…

This blog will give you suggestions for foods that heal the body. Ayurvedic medicine seeks to bring the body into a dynamic equilibrium. Indian Ayurvedic medicine goes hand-in-hand with yoga and it fully embraces the old Chinese proverb,’Food is Medicine’. Choosing  nutrition carefully is not enough. It also matters that we prepare our food in a calm and peaceful way, being in touch with sattvic energy. And that we eat it calmly, avoiding ‘eating on the go.’

It is so important that we source our fruit and vegetables organically, whenever possible. The more natural the food we eat, the more prana it will contain. Prana is life-force, life-giving energy. Picking an apple from a tree and biting into it would be the best way of gaining prana. Drinking pure water, when you are thirsty, is also a way of taking in prana.

Check out some of the suggestions on ‘Yoga Prescribed’ and see if they can help you. The book of the same title contains a wealth of yoga tips and health tips. Just as ancient yogic texts used stories to teach the philosophies, ‘Yoga Prescribed’ uses fiction to make the teachings more easy to absorb. And just as the Greeks, the Romans, the ancient Indians and Chinese shared their folk-lore about medicinal plants, so we can share our insights on this blog.